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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 7 - A Picture of Your Most Treasured Item

My most treasured item is the owl-framed photo of my grandma & I. It was taken near Mendocino, (where we would go every summer,) when I was about three years old. My grandmother loved owls, and she framed the photo of us in the owl frame that I now have.
Yesterday marked six years since she passed away, and I still miss her constantly and think of her almost every day. She was the most loving, wonderful grandma. I called her "Mum," because when I was a toddler, I heard my mom call her "Mom," and I was trying to copy my mom.
She was like another mom to me, and when she passed away, it left a void. I wished I'd known I wouldn't have her around forever. I loved her so much, and I still do. That's why I treasure the owl frame with her and I more than anything.

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