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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mail Magic

A few weeks back, I received a surprise package in the mail. I'd won a giveaway from Christine Mason Miller, the author of one of my favorite blogs in the universe. Although I'd been notified that I'd won the giveaway (I was ecstatic!), being the absent-minded person that I am, I completely forgot about it until this sweet little package arrived in the mail for me.
It was a set of postcards, designed by Christine herself (she also happens to be an incredible mixed-media artist.) Anyway, it completely made my day! I was definitely feeling the love. And to top it all off the messages were all the kinds of messages that we all need to hear, but rarely do.
Thank you Christine, you made one girl very happy! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world, and for making my world a better place.

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Swirly said...

Thank you so much for being YOU!