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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 16 - A Picture of Someone You Look Up To

I look up to my Aunt Maggie. I look up to her because she's so bright and interesting to talk to, so aware about social issues and injustices in the world, & she loves art, food, and travel, as I do. She's lived on a kibbutz in Israel and she's also lived in Scotland. She just got her PhD from UC Berkeley and works with children who have learning disabilities.
We love to go to art museums together, get coffee, take long walks, and find yummy restaurants to eat at. We also both love to read and discuss books. I love her and am definitely glad to have her in my life as a role model and as my beloved aunt.

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Maggie said...

The best thing about getting to be your aunt, is getting to be your aunt! I love spending time with you. I love doing things with you.
I love how you are in the world, the joy you take in living, the way you love those around you. I look forward to all sorts of things: going to foreign films, more mimosas, walking, talking, the view from the top of the museum, time at the ocean... With love to you, Maggie