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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Where do you go to find things that are visually delightful and inspiring? I found this set of owls online, (no artist credit listed,) which for some reason, inspires me. Maybe it's because I like owls, and they remind me of my late grandmother who I loved very much, my "Mum." She loved owls and had a collection. Maybe it's the colors. Sometimes hearing foreign languages inspires me, even if I don't know what is being said, which is usually the case. Art museums often inspire me, but it's not all that often that I go to art galleries. Trying something for the first time definitely inspires me, whether it's a new food or drink, activity or outing. Tasting lychee sake about a month ago for the first time at Sushi Cafe was a perfect examples of this. Travel inspires me. Making things inspires me. San Francisco inspires me. Seeing kindness & generosity inspires me, and reading good books inspires me. Once many years ago, I was with my mom one evening in Sausalito and it was Christmas time. We looked out at the harbor, and all of the sailboats were lit up with Christmas lights, bobbing up and down in the waves. That inspired me. And my love for my husband, dog, family & friends inspires me.
What inspires you?

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