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Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Magic

Is the world full of magic, or not, or is it a matter of perception? I always say I want to experience more magic in life, those moments when time kind of stops and we are in awe for a brief spell.
Some examples are: seeing double rainbows in Kauai, watching two sparrows playfully flying together in the park against the sky full of puffy clouds, watching Coconut run towards me at the dog park, her polka dotted tongue gleefully hanging out of her mouth, catching my first wave in Hanalei, blowing bubbles with Abby at sunset on the beach.....these are the moments that make life so amazing.
I always say I want more of these moments in life but is it a matter of whether they are happening often enough or just whether I am noticing them happening often enough? I want to notice more magic moments in life, and start collecting a list of them. Then if I am having a bad day I can just look at the list and remember how magical life can be.

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bun2bon said...

that's such an awesome photo of Coco!