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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Message in a Bottle Project

Somehow, my memories of stories of messages in bottles being washed ashore from distant times and places always sparked my imagination. So much came into play: chance, time, the sea, the elements, and most of all: the message. Why did these people send these messages, and who, if anyone, were their messages intended for?
Amazingly, often these messages were intended for someone specific. Love letters sent via a message in a bottle over the last few centuries abound, and I'm sure that although those letters rarely made it to their intended recipients, what I love the most about it was that somebody even tried. Talk about the most romantic way to get a love letter ever. Although the stories of these love letters completely blow me away, what I think I find even more fascinating is sending a message in a bottle to someone somewhere, but having no idea who that someone might be. 99% of the fun is wondering where it will end up, and with who.
Since there is no way of knowing where it might end up, we are faced with the question. What would we want to share with someone about ourselves, our lives, and our world? What might we want to know about them? What kind of message would we want to send to them?
What would you want your message to say?
I am still formulating my message, but once I've figured out what I want to say, I'm going to find a bottle, and set my message in a bottle out to sea. My goal is to do it by this June. I will probably set the bottle to sea in San Francisco. If anyone else in on board, I'd love for you to join me.
Xo, Jeneka

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