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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pre-Baja CRAZE

So we arrived in Encinitas late-ish last night, and I thought we were pretty much in vacation mode at this point. But no. Granted, today was a day to do last minute odds and ends like grocery shop, get gas, get cash from the ATM, etc., so we knew it wasn't a completely cush day. However, Rob and Travis had about 118 pre-Baja secret projects going on that left Karissa and I completely baffled. Here is a loose timeline of the day.
9 am: Travis makes coffee, and pulls his new tent out of the bag. Rob helps Trav assemble new tent. They realize that the new tent is missing crucial parts, like a set of poles. Add trip to REI - to exchange tent - to the to do list.
10 am: Rob and Trav are outside completely unpacking Rob's vehicle, resorting everything and repacking it.
11 am: The guys are leaving to do their "manly men" errands. (Their words, NOT MINE!)
12 pm: Karissa and I get a call from Travis, they are at Smart & Final and want to know what kinds of drinks we might want. Tecates and limes we say.
1 pm: We get a call that they forgot toilet paper and paper plates. Can we get pick some up?
3 pm: Karissa and I arrive home with the groceries for the trip and they tell us that we bought WAY too much food, even though we only bought about a bag and a half of groceries a piece for 5 days for six people. They are convinced that with these new groceries everything will NEVER fit in Rob's FJ.
4 pm: Due to the influx of new groceries, coolers are being unpacked and repacked and unpacked and repacked again. It's getting exhausting just watching this. And no, they won't let us help.
5 pm: Reworking the camping gear, bags, clothes, food, etc, now that they have the coolers to contend with.
6 pm: Travis tells us he can't come to dinner with us. He's too stressed from all the packing and has to pay some bills, tie up some loose ends.
7 pm: They tell us we're waking up at 5:30 am to leave for Baja by 6 am.
And they call this a vacation???
I hope all of this was worth it. :)


JacqulynTorres said...

great ...........................................................

Char said...

Ha, I was wondering what got into you guys getting up at 5:30am. That's unheard of!