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Friday, August 21, 2009



Being at the beach is the ultimate source of happiness and inspiration for me; the beautiful ocean, the salty air, the happy dogs, the seashells and other ephemera that wash ashore, the waves, everything at the beach conspires to make me happy.

Cool Messages from the Universe

When I was living in Oceanside, back in 2002, I would walk to my favorite coffee shop every morning for an iced coffee and a muffin. On the way, I would always walk past (or over) this piece of stamped cement that read O.U. Miracle. What a great morning message, and how uplifting.

Being with my Best Friend

Whether we're walking on the beach, cooking together, swimming or surfing, or taking a trip together, I am have the best time of my life with I am with my chica. There are no words for how happy we are when we're together.

Visual Delights

I took this photograph at a spice bazaar in the South of France near Aix-en-Provence back in Summer of 2000. The world is ablaze with visual delights; I love finding them and capturing them. Not to mention how cool were these spices? Most of which I'd never heard of. But some of that had to be due to the fact that I didn't know all of the French to English translations.

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