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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adventures with Megumi

Now that Summer is almost over, and my time with Megumi is almost over too, I wanted to write a little bit about our time together.

Let's see, so we went to the zoo, a lot, and that was fun, at least when it wasn't hot. Megumi really loved the giraffes and zebras and flamingos. (Who doesn't?) Lately we've been going to the duck
pond and the fish aquarium, which I think we both like better than the zoo. There is this turtle at Capitol Aquarium that Megumi absolutely loves, he swims right up to the glass to say hello when we're walking by. I think we both wish we could adopt him. And there's this adorable big orange fish named Sherbert there too, who loves to rub noses with people through the glass. This turtle and fish duo are so sweet that kids just love them, and they've got a little unoffical fan club going. I mean, can you blame these kids? I'm sure Turtle and Sherbert are nicer than most of the people these kids know.

Today we were at the river, and the river was beautiful. We took an hour long walk this morning before it got too hot. There were dozens of dragonflies, and lots of birds and squirrels, along with the occasional person or dog, or both.

It's a really wonderful stage she's in, it's the age of discovery. She want to know the words to everything, and how everything works. I will miss her when I go back to school but I'm glad I'll be going back when school is over. She's such a special little girl.

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bun2bon said...

She looks like such a cool kid! It must be fun hanging out with her. =)