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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Life has been a whirlwind lately. Work started back a month ago, and with several packed weekends, we've been burning the candles at both ends lately.

However, we were lucky enough to have Rob's cousin Nicole come to visit, she came all the way from Chile to see the family.

We took her to the Mendocino Botanical Gardens, which was heaven on Earth!

There were all kinds of gardens there, and each was exquisite in its own way.

We took a few walks on the beach too, and got caught by a rogue wave!

We took a path along the bluffs, and Rob got so close to the edge that he gave me a panic attack!

We saw seals playing in the waves and had some yummy meals.

We even got to meet up with my mom and some old friends for a barbeque in Albion, where we ate, drank, laughed (a lot), and played ukulele.

All in all, it was a sweet, relaxing weekend.

A few tips for anyone headed to Mendo:

The gardens were incredible. If interested you're in going there, more info is here:


We stayed at the Atrium Bed & Breakfast in Fort Bragg. It was charming, clean, affordable, and included a nice breakfast.


Pinot Noir grapes are grown in the region, and you can find some great Pinor Noirs there. I recommend the Pinot Noir by Carneros, 2009. It was incredibly good.


Char said...

LOVE the botanical gardens!! I sooo want to go back and live in them!! :)

Yeni said...

Hey Char Char,
I know, me too! Let's move there together!

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

Hey! I found your blog via your comment on my post on Yes & Yes! I live in Sacramento, too :) Love these pics---makes me want to go to the ocean ASAP.

iris said...

Northern California is so great. I was in Manchester State Park and it was just amaaaaaazing. I must go back!