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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Birdie Onesies

For some strange reason, I have wanted to make baby birdie onesies for a very long time. I love fabric and have daydreamed about how pretty all of the different fabric patterns would be as birds on baby onesies.

My friend Meghan was awesome enough to join me and we had a great night "getting crafty," drinking wine, (and later gin limeades), and talking and laughing into the early morning hours.

It was a pretty simple process:

We bought the onesies.

We cut out the fabric using a bird shaped silhouette.

We stitched the birdie appliques onto the onesies using embroidery thread.

(We did use hoops to keep the onesies in place as we stitched.)

In order for these onesies to endure washing, they may need another set of stitching outside of the embroidery thread in order to avoid letting the applique fabric fray around the edges.

Other than that, it's a pretty easy (and fun) project, with a nice reward for very little work.

It's kind of addicting, I may just do a whole series of them.

Xo, Jeneka

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