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Monday, December 20, 2010

What I'm Lovin'

1. Torrontes, an Argentinian white wine. So far I've tried it made by both Fantelli & Crioso. Both were excellent.

2. Shutterfly books. Rob & I made one of our trip to Kauai that my parents took us on last February, and we are giving it to them as one of their Christmas presents. It's a great way to say thank you and preserve memories.

3. Jogging, although it is always an ordeal motivating to get there. Once I'm there, more than half the battle is already over, and I have a sense of accomplishment that I rarely experience for any other reason.

4. Limoncello. We have been giving it to friends over the holidays, and it's been fun giving it, and drinking it too! I'm also really excited to interview the Limoncello maker in Sonoma early in the New Year.

5. Seeing friends, family, and going to Christmas parties. We are feeling full of holiday cheer.

6. Getting Christmas cards. Our friends all have such adorable kids, and the Christmas cards are so much fun to get in the mail and hang up on the mantle.

7. SNL. I feel like it's gotten a lot better again lately. They actually have funny people/skits again.

8. Making Amazon wish lists. It's fun to peruse all the great books out there, and see all of the great new titles they have that I am looking forward to reading eventually. Also, more and more titles are showing up as available on the Kindle.

9. Bucket lists. Lately I've been adding a lot to my bucket list. I'm sure there will be a bucket list post pretty soon here. The latest are snorkeling in Fiji, and visiting hulaus in Tahiti.

10. Cool websites like these: http://www.spoonflower.com/welcome

11. Researching the travel writing world. I found this great site:

12. Having a 5K to look forward to in January. I am planning to start the new year off right!

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