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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rob's first trip to Santa Cruz

After not having been to Santa Cruz in ages, I ended up going there twice in one month. The first time was the bachelorettte, and the second time was with Rob, who was going there for the first time. The reason for the visit was to go over our vows with our ministers who are friends of my family that I have known since I was six years old.
The meeting went really well. It was apparent that Rob hit it off with them, and we had a really good time discussing all of the details of the ceremony, and catching up with them.
When we left their house, I took Rob for a walk on West Cliff Drive, a long sidewalk that winds along the ocean. We took a two hour walk along West Cliff, enjoying the sunshine and the views.
From there we checked in to our room and made some rum and cokes, then walked to dinner downtown at a Mexican restaurant called El Palomar. We walked around a little after that, then called it a night.
On Sunday morning there was a light rain which was a bummer because we wanted to take a walk on the beach, but the rain didn't last too long. We went to Capitola because I thought Rob would like to see the colorful casitas there. I guess it was our lucky day, because there was a group of ukulele players playing on a little stage in downtown Capitola, and they were playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," the song that we are getting married to.
After watching the ukulele music, we took a little walk on the beach and took some photos of the famous Capitola casitas, then headed to San Francisco to meet my mom to celebrate mother's day.
I didn't get to show Rob as much of Santa Cruz as I would have liked, but I think it was a good start. I want to go back and see more of the Pleasure Point neighborhood, it looks like it would be a great place to live. And Rob wants to go back and ride the roller coaster! So we will be back. Oh, and Coconut wants to go to dog beach there. Although we may not be able to afford to buy there, I could see us being very happy there for quite a while. Surfing at Steamer's Lane, riding my cruiser along West Cliff drive, taking Coco to the beach, and catching the sunsets would be pretty amazing. I'm keeping the dream alive. We will get there eventually.

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