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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bachelorette Party in Santa Cruz!

MY GIRLS! MaeMae, Brea, Laura, Jess & Alicia on Saturday night.
Saturday evening before going out with Megs & Jen.
Oh Hell No!
Mae Mae can't keep the guys away.
Laura P., Jess, Laura B. & Brea before the festivities on Saturday night!
Saturday Morning Gifts
Jen, Jess & Alicia - Having breakfast
Brea, Laura & Karissa

It began on Friday, April 16, from the beginning, it was Fun with a capital F! We arrived in Santa Cruz in the late afternoon, the trip north from Cambria took a little longer than expected. By the time we got there, Alicia, Laura P., Jess & Laura B. were all there already. Alicia is a lifelong friend, and like a sister to me. Laura I've been friends with since high school, and she flew up from LA. Jess & Laura B. are close friends from college. Since we graduated high school 15 years ago, and college 10 years ago, (OUCH!) these are all old friends at this point. So needless to say, I was thrilled to see all of them, and we didn't waste any time getting the party started. The place we were staying was overlooking the ocean, and we had our own special deck and table, this of course was where we decided to hang out. People were trickling in all evening, and by late night the party was in full swing. It was a huge reunion, because most of my friends there were childhood, high school, or college friends, so a lot of my friends hadn't seen each other in ages. I hadn't seen a lot of my friends there in a long time either, it was so great getting to see everyone and catch up. We didn't go to dinner on Friday night, just drank our cocktails or wine and ate appetizers. My college roommate Shannon couldn't make it because she's pregnant for one things and she was sick this weekend for another thing. But she made me a book with a photo and a quote from everyone there, it was such a special gift! We all stayed up really late on Friday night, we were all so excited to be there and had so much catching up to do.
Saturday morning we all woke up kind of early, considering how late we'd been up the night before. We drank some coffee, and ate breakfast out on the deck. Then the girls brought out the gifts they'd gotten me, and I unwrapped them while everyone else ate breakfast or drank their coffee or mimosas. After that we took a walk on West Cliff drive and checked out the surfers at Steamer Lane, then headed to the beach to relax.
Saturday night was dinner at a Hawaiian restaurant in downtown Santa Cruz, (just a short walk from our room) and then the bars to paint the town red. Sad to say, we did not paint the town red, and it was mostly all my fault. We went to a couple of bars, but for one thing, I'd gone big the night before, and for two, I would have rather just stayed on our deck and had our cocktails there and watched the sunset. I had fun though, and we did run into a bachelor party and the bachelor was VERY drunk, so they provided us with lots of good entertainment and laughs.
Sunday morning we woke up and got breakfast, then went home. I was sad it was over, it all went by WAY too quickly! One thing I realized for sure: I don't see my girlfriends often enough. I miss them. Seeing them reminded me of how much I love seeing them and how much I miss them. I hope to see much more of them. I have to make more of an effort too. I LOVE MY GIRLS!!!

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