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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

1. Marry the love of my life this year!!!
2. Surf with Rob in Kauai.
3. Exercise every day and either do yoga, swimming, walking or working out. But some sort of exercise every single day.
4. Learn some new recipes. Become a better cook.
5. Take Coco on a walk or to the dog park every day. Give her a good life.
6. Overcome fear of flying.
7. Return to hula classes and my Ohana family.
8. Get serious about writing again.
9. Start column for East Sac News.
10. Submit at least one other article this year - preferably a travel article!
11. Find a teaching job!
12. Get back into arts and crafts, make cards, collages, etc. for fun.
13. Lose weight/get in shape for the BIG DAY!
14. Post more on the often on my blog, do more writing/photography entries.
15. Read more books, get into reading again.
16. Decorate and make our home more cozy and inviting.
17. More magic moments and fun for the sake of fun!
18. Get into teas more and kick the coffee habit for good!
19. Stretch every day, and write, speak, or think about gratitudes every day.
20. Enjoy being alive and all of the blessings in life every day.

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bun2bon said...

I like #5. =) Congrats again!