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Friday, October 28, 2011

Small Wonders in San Francisco

On the Thursday before last, I went to a meeting with the Bay Area Travel Writer's Group which was held at the SF Aquarium of the Bay. I learned a lot from the presentation that they gave, like how they capture animals from the open sea to display in their aquariums, but they also release them all back to sea after a short stay at the aquarium. The aquarium has also been able to do several studies on many of the species that have stayed with them for awhile. According to the woman who spoke to us, the octopus is the most intelligent creature they have there, or is at least the most intelligent in ways that can be quantified. I guess they give their resident octopus different games like a lock and key (or sometimes a rubics cube!) to keep him entertained.
My favorite sea creatures though are always the jellyfish and the sea stars. Somehow both truly evoke a sense of wonder in me every single time I see them. I think it is pure visual delight. The jellies are truly enchanting with their translucence and their floating movements. As for the sea stars, I like their shapes and colors, and also for some reason I just think it's really cool to see stars (something I associate with the skies and heavens) underwater.
To the underwater wonder makers: I love it that I get to share this Earth & Sea with you. You will forever enchant me.

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